Twitter card integration makes your listing tweets stand out

We enhanced your Twitter listing shares by adding Twitter card integration to your RealBird single property websites. From now on, when you or someone else tweets one of your listings that you published on RealBird, the primary photo is also sent to Twitter using their "summary info card" specification. There is no additional step required on your side, just make sure that you select a high-impact photo on RealBird as the first, primary picture of your listing and don't forget to tweet your property website once it's published.

A note on automatic displaying of the photo: the current "summary info" card format does not show the picture in others' feed automatically, only if they click the "View Summary" link of your tweet. We are working on a solution with which you will be able to select between the current "summary info" card format and another photo centric format called "photo" card. We believe that the current "summary info" card format generates the best click through rate, but we'll let you decide between the two options soon.

Below is en embedded example  showing the large primary photo included in the tweet:

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