Updated RealBird Property Card widget

The RealBird MiniSite and TinySite widgets have been used for years on thousands of real estate websites and blogs. We just released an update for these widgets, which we now call the RealBird Property Cards. This update is backward compatible: all the previously embedded widgets on your websites work seamlessly; no change is necessary.

You can access the widget generator from within the RealBird member area, on the Listing Management page, just like before. Clicking the “Minisite widget” or “Tinysite widget” link, will bring up the new widget code generator.

The listing on the example above is the courtesy of Experience Realty, div of Waterfront Professionals, Inc.

Using the widget generator utility, you can set the width and height of the iframe placeholder and also turn on and off the background theme, depending on your overall design goal when embedding these live widgets on your website.

We hope you like the new, modern look of the updated RealBird Property Card widgets.

— The RealBird Team

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