iPad real estate presentation – updates

An updated iPad property presentation interface is released for the RealBird Listing Publisher. It fixes a few formatting issues and most importantly, it now shows the custom large background image if your property website is customized with one. Using this option makes a huge difference when it comes to stunning listing presentations. See the screenshot below.

The original RealBird property website for the same is here. Courtesy of Robert and Elaine Ramirez


RealBird provides four different types of background customization for your single property websites. The default cloud background, solid gradient colors of your choice, tiled images (good for company logos for example) and the large image option that covers the whole background as seen on the example above. The iPad version of the RealBird listing site shows only a solid light background color for options 1-3, but with this new release, your large background image (option 4) is now presented when the listing site is viewed on an iPad. We suggest to spend an few minutes per listing to set up your RealBird service like this. The stunning visual effect is worth the little extra time.

See this video tutorial on how to customize your RealBird single property website’s design with a high impact background photo

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