Last RealBird webinar for 2010 with special guest Janie Coffey – Wednesday Dec 15, 2010 at 9 AM Pacific time

We are very happy that  Janie Coffey of Team Papillon in Coral Gables, FL will honor us with her virtual presence for this last RealBird webinar in 2010. She is arguably one of the best online marketing experts in real estate today. 

Janie is past president of CREW Miami (Commercial Real Estate Women) and has been in construction, real estate and development for 20 years.  She has put to good use her degree in Marketing and Business Administration and is the “techy” one of her team, although she is trying to bring the others over to the dark side.  Janie is working on a graduate degree in the business of history and technology in her "free time".  You can find out more about Janie at her Coral Gables real estate blog. She will share with you her tips about how you can grow your business using the multitude of online tools available today.
Erich Ziebarth, our webinar host will talk about how you can build your network and stand out from the crowd by using your RealBird service and other tools with WordPress, Facebook and other social media, listing syndication and mobile marketing. Erich has over 15 years experience coaching agents in marketing and his clients are achieving real measurable results.
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We wish you Happy Holidays!


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