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Based on the good reception of the RealBird QR features, we launched a new website over the weekend at for creating, sharing and buying custom apparels showing your own messages encoded as QR codes. 

This is RealBird pet project and the application is not real estate specific. Any messages, websites and even links to YouTube videos can be turned into a QR code and printed on t-shirts and other apparel.

Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 11.20.47 AM

How to use the site:

  • Visit
  • Enter whatever message your heart desires to share: a poem, a link to your website, a YouTube link, anything. 
  • Click the "Create Your QR apparel" button
  • The page will reload, the QR code is generated and a preview is shown. You can now click the "Select Apparel Type" button that will lead you to with the pre-configured shopping cart. Your QR code is automatically added to the design. 
  • You can select among 60 different types of apparels: gents, ladies, kids and different styles, sizes and colors. All of them will retain the generated QR code that holds your "secret" message.
  • If you are not ready to purchase or you are just playing with the service, you can still share your creations with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Below is a screenshot with an arrow showing the built in sharing tools for your creations.


Enjoy. And of course, if you like the service, please share it with your friends with the Facebook and Twitter button on the homepage.

Thanks !

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase of the QR apparels, we are paid an affiliate fee. Fulfillment, billing and returns are processed by according to their own terms listed on their website.

— Zoltan



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