About the recent Google announcement

Many have already asked about this so here is our official blog post about the sudden developments at Google that were first announced a month or so ago and again 3 days ago.

We had a meeting with Google this week and while we are under an NDA and can not disclose the details of our conversation with them, we can clarify the dates and the nature of Google’s announcement that was made public and that caused a little bit of confusion due to their vague explanations:

Google Base will be discontinued on June 1, 2011
Google Base is the database product by Google which is used by many to post and query for all different kinds of information. Furthermore, Google Base provides an API (programming interface) that enables 3rd parties like us to build services on top of it, like the RealBird Property Search application. One of the data types in Google Base was real estate. Google will migrate most of the Google Base capabilities into their Google Shopping API, but unfortunately, this does not include support for real estate listings. They will not support this data type in their Shopping API therefore syndicating and querying for real estate listings to and from Google Base (i.e. there new Shopping API) will not be available after June 1, 2011

Google Maps will stop showing real estate listings by Feb 10, 2011
This second announcement is what created the confusion. Even though Google Base will operate until June 1, 2011, Google Maps at http://maps.google.com will stop showing real estate listings from Google Base. Google Maps will of course continue to work, except Google Base real estate listings won’t be shown if searched for. This does NOT mean that Google Base will also be discontinued on Feb 10. It only means that Google will not pull and show the data from Google Base onto their own consumer facing Google Maps site.

Google Maps and Google Maps API will NOT be discontinued
One of the confusions we noticed because of the vague announcements by Google was that some of you thought that it will also mean that Google will discontinue the Google Maps API that enables us to provide Google Maps for your RealBird property websites or other real estate services. This is NOT the case, the maps themselves are not affected whatsoever.

Now onto RealBird. What’s affected, what’s not and what is our plan

As you know, we have 2 services:

  1. RealBird Property Search
    Solution: new data source is on its way

    This service enables you to acquire buyer leads via a powerful, fast and flexible private labeled search engine – it benefits you on the buyer side of the real estate transactions
  2. RealBird Listing Publisher
    NOT affected

    An all-in-one online, mobile and social media listing marketing platform – it benefits you on the listing side by providing you with tools to get more listings and sell them faster

The RealBird Property Search uses data from Google Base hence it has to be redeveloped with new data. We have been working on finding a replacement data feed for some time now, and are now intensifying our efforts. We will keep you updated as our business and technical development process continues. We are working around the clock to provide you with a smooth transition. Until then, you can continue to use the current RealBird Property Search as the Google Base API will be available until June 1, 2011

The RealBird Listing Publisher service is not affected, and by itself is the best and most affordable online marketing toolset in the real estate industry:

The RealBird Listing Publisher is an easy to use, all-in-one property marketing tool that does not use Google Base except for Google Base being one of the syndication destinations. As an overview, below are the main features of this service:

  1. Automatic listing syndication
  2. Single property websites with exceptional Google SEO
  3. MLS-friendly virtual tours
  4. Easily embeddable in ActiveRain posts, Craigslist ads and more
  5. Social media marketing widgets and applications
  6. Mobile listing marketing with smartphone optimized listing sites and QR codes
  7. Listing inventory widgets for your blogs and maps
We are and always have been innovators and we have many new, terrific features and capabilities that we plan to add to the service. We are entrepreneurs, and we are used to overcoming difficulties. We are working around to clock to implement the replacement data for the Property Search service and we are going to launch some new listing marketing updates in the meantime as well.
Stay tuned… Updates are on their way…
Should you have questions please do not hesitate to ask
Thank you
— The RealBird Team


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